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Environmental activities move within concrete economical and political contexts. They often changed in history and developed various forms of interrelationships between human beings and nature mainly influenced by a perception of nature under terms of crisis. Today, the possibilities for an identification of the people with their own locality as well as the finding of options for processes of decision making and negotiation in my opinion represent focal points for a concentration on what people need and require in future development. The individual situation of all citizens and their concrete societal circumstances therefore form the starting point for public argumentation and decision making.

Social space, the use of it and the individual position in this space is reproduced by oneŽ s own individual potentials and priorities of activity. Today, we are talking for example about political space or intellectual space or environmental space. "Space" is developing towards a diverse concept with broad possibilities of utilisation and resonance. In this context social discourses and traditional attributes influence and determine peoples attitudes towards nature and environment, they influence the subjective horizon of experience of oneŽ s own physical conditions and the behaviour with the own body and those of others.

The concept of "space" increasingly becomes a field of knowledge, a product of activities of non-routine and non-institutionalised conditions performed by the activities of the people.